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Keynote Presentations

You Can't Push a Pig into a Truck

This humorous session focuses on the relationship between employee choice and the level that employees embrace particular organizational change.

The Vertical Turtle

The need for employees to assist other employees to survive organizational change is highlighted with this two-part story along with other proven change management techniques.

What I Learned about Leadership in the Third Grade

Stories about how embarrassing people reduces effectiveness and motivation, how conflict among leaders impact employees, how addressing conflict can enhance relationships.

Tons of Stone above my Head

Stories of life-threatening situations and the problem-solving and key lessons created by them is the essence of this session. The storyteller related his first day in the coal mine at eighteen to illustrate the importance of comprehensively orienting new employees. Hundred Dollar Holes is a story about how people tend to respond to today's chaotic work environment. Dr. Ray wraps up with an original song about despair and hope.

Flight to Costa Rica

Glenn found out that during a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica that his destination could be less than certain. How people respond to unexpected events is important to understand when facilitating change with employees. Other stories about volcanoes and hot springs highlight understandings about risk-taking. Glenn's models of Demographics of Change and Actions to Create Change are part of these series of stories.

Team Breakthroughs

A dynamic, motivating story of how a beaten football team regrouped with coaching at halftime and came to believe in themselves as champions. Others stories of observations of raccoons and minnows round out this programs about team success.

The Pappy McKelvey Way

Stories about how people can gain the skills to survive, operate equipment in one of the nation's most dangerous work environment, and have fun are shared from Glenn's nine year experience working in the underground coal mining industry.

Disaster on the Sarapique

A true story of a near-death experience while rafting one of the world's top five best rafting rivers after a ten-inch rain is the centerpiece of this presentation. Poor judgement and crisis teamwork are highlighted in this series of stories.

You Can't Catch a Lizard by the Tail

A group of stories that illustrate creativity and a number of specific suggestions are offered to help employees daily reinvent their work responsibilities.

Custom Stories

Depending on the objectives of the client, Dr. Ray can pull from over 200 stories to meet presentation needs.