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Employee Development Process


The Mirroring Process

The problem with many leaders and team members is that they do not understand how their actions impact or are perceived by others. RayCom Learning's Mirroring Process has helped dozens of team and organizational leaders understand what others think of them and how to improve perceptions with behavior change. Feedback is gathered by Dr. Ray from peers and followers and then privately delivered to the target leader or team member. Then, measurable action plans are developed, carried out and checked over time.

The Conflict Management Process

Often turmoil in teams is created by the negative relationship between two or more team members. As a result, the performance of the entire team develops into chaos. An outside person with a neutral standing can help in these situations. RayCom Learning's Conflict Management Process involves data gathering with the parties in conflict individually. Then, a joint meeting with ground rules is facilitated to air the concerns and make commitments for future respectful behaviors.

Meeting Facilitation

Some meetings have high emotional content or problems to be solved that require great creativity. A skilled and experienced neutral facilitator can enable teams of all sorts to conquer long festering or difficult problems. Dr. Ray first spends time understanding the situation through interviews and observation. Then, a meeting agenda is designed and validated with the team. Finally, Dr. Ray facilitates the meeting or meetings to a successful conclusion.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are useful data gathering processes with external customers or internal customers. Questions are designed to address the client's information needs. Next, a group meeting is conducted to answer the focus group questions. Focus groups are often taped and transcribed for analysis. Dr. Ray assists in the design of focus group questions, facilitation of the focus group, and analysis and reporting of the data.

Team Assessment

After teams are developed and trained, it is valuable to occasionally check the team member's perceptions of the quality of the team interactions and progress of getting the job done and meeting customer's needs. Dr. Ray conducts team assessments by creating an interview guide and meeting separately with a number of the team members. Once the data is collected, Dr. Ray analyses the data and presents a report to management and to team members themselves.

Leadership Coaching

When leaders encounter particularly difficult challenges with staff members, it is useful to have an objective viewpoint to receive advice and coaching. Dr. Ray assesses the leaders performance and helps them develop action plans of specific behavioral changes. Specific behavioral applications of the content of the various training programs that Dr. Ray teaches is often the subject of post-training coaching sessions.